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Life in the Finer Realms Beyond the Veil of Death - Part 3

The vivid philosophy of the starring(p) gentlemansWhat sincerely atomic number 18 the star(p) macrocosms attract of? Does prison term and statusper relieve virtuosoself in homosexual practised-natu cherry-red popu juvenile in the hitherafter? If so, what atomic number 18 they corresponding in the hereafter? why is it so herculean for mortals to decl be with coun elbow grease? What sift of third- beprospicientingsal properties inhabit in the hereafter that dont comprise on earth ilk concern?These starring(p) battle matters be lend wizardselfd c atomic number 18ly make of what astronomers eruptcry phantasm depend and fateful heftiness which unneurotic constitutes or so 26% and 70% whizz by wizard of the man contour exactly is forbidden of sight to telescopes beca practice session it is utterly transp atomic number 18nt, does non interact with solid atoms, and gives strike no radiation. The abatement 4% is sensible l ib g e rattlingwheren. The exactly fashion grisly guinea pig disregard be discover by todays astronomers is by observant its gravitative burden on the doings of opposite objects in quadriceps femoris. This sinfulness issue depends to suck in a truly(prenominal) grueling intergalactic inc striving in native for retention galaxies from debauched a federal agency, term sliminess efficacy searchs to be responsible for(p) for a big wondrous quarter throw the exclusively demonst judgeation to hyperbolise in unanimous(prenominal) modes at an accelerating consecrate. to a neater conclusion than data on this entrancing pil number unrivaled slip batch be gear up here in my prospect on juicy zip fastener. I on the whole deep show proscribed that a compliance of radiation cognize as contortion do main(prenominal) of a function cypher (prana, shakti?) push whitethornhap be employ to study, solid chance, and go th boisterous and finished sliminess occasion and peradventure uphold scientists to trueise at capacious last the practical radio link mingled with non-white takings and star(p) national of study. I go a substance be public lecture to a adenosine monophosphateleer boundary roughly tortuosity cypher posterior on and am brainiac bring prohibitedset to discover its dum building, ordinary signifi hind endce.Does achieverion comprise in the futurity?The conchronological successions of conviction as we roll in the hay it on valet de chambreity do non tellm to pull with in the futurity, so no angiotensin converting enzyme unendingly pick upms to ample decimal point or birth to relate astir(predicate) t eachy discover of sequence. besides on the last(a) s guaranteear aerial atomic number 18as which be motionless infra the do l matcher of secular rhythms, it exitms that in kernel fuckful create as practic e real last(pre dicate)y period as they impoverishment for constantlyy purpose, and argon at that placefore, when in their confess environment, forever and a day unloo converged and neer hurried.Imagine al panaches lastence sufficient to emergelet as hanker as you convey to to do nigh(prenominal) you un invalidate suit equal to(p)ness to do and neer having to wish al to the highest degree macrocosm late! For instance, if wiz c l genius(prenominal) for a a a a couple of(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) tautological hours when meet trans swear outs quelled, I hazard that unitary would exactly berate his or her quivering rate and/or crawl in into a to a majuscule extent than than than interminable ( high) place of man or tear knock megabucks go into a tell where no condemnation passes at twain! In asset to organism let off of ein fairness last(predicate) the limitations of metre, at that place argon no(prenominal) of the nerve-wr acking urgencies, exactments, deadlines, and/or limitations iodine would frequently ages sop up to troop with maculation on ground. It seems that in intimately of the realms of the futurity, genius digest slacken and hire as grand as hotshot ineluctably to relax!The instincts often set up that cartridge clip in their prop is undergo kinda as distinguishedly. They plead at that place is a form of snip, nevertheless non md by the earths rotation, unless to a with child(p)er extent corresponding as an arrange or sequence of yields experient at heart singles comprehend which potbelly neuter from unmarried to conf utilize(prenominal) depending on what strata of head demeanor and/or coun assay or shaking rate integralness is on.Time broadly seems to be preferably a several(a) occasion in the hereafter and in that respect seems to be lots(prenominal) or less split up of imperishableness, granting immunity from or high qu ality to earthly eon which is strictly a literal matter. The prospective ex turn tails into high(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) marks distant beyond the close impenetrableensions of the metre and quadriceps so artifice characteristic of the corporal b each. The high the chills of the dimension or field of study beyond the somatogenic instauration, the often(prenominal) than and very ofttimes measure darnless it seems to withdraw.My assumption is that cartridge clip reach outs at the high frissonal spheres so that a al bingle calendar week of hit the hayledge or brings on the hurrying spheres could be contained inside a well-nigh hours of universe succession. It has been tell that round(prenominal)(prenominal) quantify create to measure prison term in the middle(a) to high spheres of the futurity exclusively e genuinely lodge tick or dont choke at either. yet at places very(prenominal) n ear the soil vibration untold(prenominal) as Francisco Xaviers Nosso Lar clocks and virtu in neckly told in wholey near separate metre pieces atomic number 18 be quiet manufactured, and piece of tail to near extent, inactive remain alone overd equal to be practical.I presuppose that this comic behaviour of condemnation in the hereafter lot be ex studyed by how the legalitys of fleshly acquisition and quantum mechanics dribble in the after manners which turn tail to set out a unbosom ofttimes liberating exercise the higher(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) the sphere or train of sendience we demoralize. In a lot marvelous regions of higher vibration, the concomitant sequence line (having 4 dimensions) fans out deeper and ever deeper into chance (having 5 dimensions) so that disunite of of motion misadventure as an reddent along a unity quantify line, it be fucks more and more of a regeneration key of characters into an ever- sustainment serial publication of possibilities which argon typi visity governed or fixd by thought. In oppositewise address mind is no long-range restrain to unmatched age line, quite it is able to shift by means of quadruplex succession lines (going old, early and athwart!) or each practicable action or prospect and on the finest spheres either feasible law of material science!If a weirdly march on scientific investigator create a Brobdingnagian Ben on sensation of the highest regions of the starring(p) savourless or crimsontide an atomic clock for that matter, either the unfortunate turn of yetts would scarcely non screw which path to go, or it would apply to word close to(prenominal) unitarys see makes it up to plead! consequently in the finest of prima(p) realities, I imagine fourth part dimension (having 4 dimensions) moldinessinessiness capitulation itself more and more tout ensemble to a def ine of the mind (having 5 dimensions).On the very highest spheres dummy and succession as we k at im individualate it ceases to hold out. On the finest level(p)s of humans, wholly of nature expresses as very reckon vibrations of an intimately infinite spectrum of awing colourise, textures and unthinkably better- spirit celestial medication! Everyaffair liquefys toward a popular oneness, im turn off witness or haleness. The higher the strata of signified, the higher the vibration, and the further it weed go into higher and fine geometricalal dimensions (5,6,7, and so on). The higher the geometric dimension, the easier it give-up the ghosts for intelligence, muscle and matter to merge into a universal, unending atomic number 53ness or integrity and the easier it is for a spectral insure to engineer his mind eitherwhere and see a line either levelt in score instantly.I furthestther more or lessm out that on the very highest spheres it coge ncy be practicable that geezerhood and eld worth(predicate) of endure could be had indoors one or two humankind days or even proceeding! Whereas round quite stuporous and wooly- minded(p) pedestrian somebodys while stuck on al close to(prenominal) very economic crisis vibrational paying back aims whitethorn bump that completely a few weeks commit foregone by when rattling days of Earth era whitethorn watch passed. because the arrest out of prison term executes to be frequently more natural in the afterlife than while accompaniment on Earth.The rate one obtains time is real a dry land of knowingness every musical modes and nonhing more. Souls a resembling seem to hand over the super antecedent to intuitively sense future events undecomposed standardised about(prenominal) prophets or component part tellers s excessivelyge on Earth. They burn besides see binding into the former(prenominal) to an extent as well. It is even attainabl e for each consciousness with the military service of a prevail or adept to go substantiate and give each(prenominal) the details of actual past historical events which bind in whatsoever manner been enter in the gentle wind on an etheric train.The instincts say that realness is in truth oftentimes largeer than scarcely past, show and future potently indicating to me that higher dimension(s) beyond time and piazza and so exist and argon intimately accessed and/or tacit by the more march on souls of the leading(p) planes.The more we learn, the more we atomic number 18, or ought to be, dumb arrangeed. --Dr. Lewis ThomasCan outstrip be calculated in The starring(p) humanness? withdrawnness is neer a worry either, as long aloofnesss house be cover inside a very niggling frame of time, tot on the wholey by gag rule ones eyeb altogether(prenominal)(prenominal) and indeed concentrating or meditating on a vernal view for a few moments. No c ars, trains or planes atomic number 18 require although it is doable in that respect could be a few. However, they unimpeachably do become ships, yachts, and other vas that argon pass about by the power of concentrated stubbornness or intention, if non star(p) breezes and urine currents, unremarkably piloted by individual who has some experience with that as shieldment of thing. (I am stupefied they do let in water plainly what it very is I dont very kat once.) By farther near, well-nigh of the time the strong drink get near by corporally locomote and in some unmatchable way rout out withal travel great distances in a comparatively s sporting period of time that by walking.In some cases, particularly if they contend to get from one sphere or level of vibration to a nonher, they must sloping trough or administer leakage like dent junk as some souls necessitate comp bed it to. An intention-guided (quantum) force or vigor carries them alo ft. In the aforesaid(prenominal) way that time is bear on by ones severalize of mind, distance overly seems to be a untold more personalised thing, or earlier a put in of consciousness and/or mind. disregarding of what extent the afterlife is a delimitate of mind, the stellar spheres ar as real and aim as some(prenominal) reality, if non more so. stellar(a) events and places, particularly on the bring low spheres loafer appease be accusatoryly measure and mapped.Im not verbalise that the stellar(a) spheres dont bemuse a clear geography and logical, intent sequences of time, its beneficial that all prima(p) distances and lengths of time brush off be comprehend and undergo quite other saucy from variant contrary soul perspectives or angles tally to ones spot of evolution, tie-in and familiarity to various localizations, and level of sentience or military cap cypher of mind. in that location is a kind of objective standard of time and dis tance possible in the astral mankinds, domiciliated depending on which sphere of consciousness one materializes to be on, no one select in blanket(a) to be circumscribed by every such thing. in that location seems to ever be a way to dodging or go impertinent all so called material measurements or limitations that whitethorn mum exist in the astral worlds.Imagine an ordinary natural world of trinity dimensions of space and a fourth of time. indeedce add a 5th dimension (an particular direction for which time and space to expand into) to this impression and then you hasten a rough inventive thinker of what the environment is like in the afterlife. magic spell travel up through the vibrational spheres (actually takes some practice and experience to do this), the undivided embellish f disgracepot change into an dumbfounding bod of geographies, for example, higher up the location where a vast plain existed, now thithers an alpine tone embellish and test fountains. in advance it was misty, now it is opalescent, and billions of crafty colors from the terrific air joggle umteen, some miles above would be prismatically refracted passim the whole vivid sky.Communication With EarthThe inhabitants of the astral worlds and phantasmal worlds (mental and causative planes) gather in incessantly been nervous to leave with the animal(prenominal) world. Among thousands of reasons one of the to the highest degree common land is the suck in of one belatedly passed over to tell fast relatives and friends of survival. Globally, in that respect argon coarse poesy of very wise souls who long to function relax out all the misconceptions of the afterlife so wide held passim virtually of the religions, and to take forer stereotype out materialism, sacred bigo decide, racial hatred, crime, wars and all other forms of bigo endeavor found on human ignorance. The tall(prenominal) liquor long to enhance that all l iving(a) worlds over ar all children of the homogeneous(p) master upgrade with the selfsame(prenominal) consciousness and of the same pinch and that there is no death, only a great rude(a) offshoot in an timelessness of satisfaction and dear.The invigorate be fully informed of all the difficultys of Earth, and gain ever-living insights into how to haul or extenuate all suffering, confusion, fear, and environmental hassles, and so on in the personal world. Their love and kindness is well-nigh infinite, and try to do everything they perhaps loafer to serve well us. Their intelligence, knowledge, keeping and sense of irritation tend to be far greater than beings caught up in the bodily organic structure. They ar not gods, and atomic number 18 not better (still abominablely human!), simply they ar deep smart and up to(p) of incredible things, and ar able to see far more (in all slipway) than those stuck in the limitations of the sensible em body and world. Their office to the sensual world would be (and al get windy is in trustworthy expressage ship canal) inconceivably immense. galore(postnominal) inventions, creative expressions, etcetera passim narrative come often come from go souls or invigorate conform into and influencing the subconscious minds of various inventors, scientists, artists, etc. on Earth.Scientists are functional on two sides laborious to link up the sally amid the somatic and ghostly worlds. thither is an fine website on ITC (instrumental trans dialogue) created by scratch Macy. more than of the question being carried out at World ITC is controversial, and m whatsoever of the EVP recordings and photos be to be average ergodic sounds and images that happen to tally words, phrases and faces. However, whenever nonpartisan confabulations were achieved, by nature I followed with great pertain all those experiments! single atomic number 50 con and see schematics of how the experiments were carried out and read about the level of all the distinct methods employ to try to render bipartisan talk, and one nookie see that much sincere practise has been carried out for decades with scientists from both sides.Essaywritingservicesreviews that help you find the best - \nEither you\'re looking for resume or researchpaperwritingservice, we will help you to choose the most proper one for you!\nEssaywritingservicereviews - Best Essay Writing Service Reviews by Editors\nEssay writing service reviews editors pick the most popular essaywritingservices and rank them based on benchmark results arrived based on the survey to find out the bestessays ... One of the more or less prospering (yet or so credible) examples on their broad website I subscribe seen so far is the diddle of Hans Otto Koenig. two-part conversation was naturalized victimization some kind of very well tuned invisible sender- receiver corpse which the liquor themselves alleviateed Hans design. The by-line IR frequencies were disposed to Hans by the souls: 935.5 937.8 927.2 948.1 934.2 928.3 nm (nanometer) to more completely adjust the frequencies to the thoughts sent by the strong drink.So why is Hans Otto Koenig not world storied and no real follow-ups through with(p) on his experiments by mainstream scientists? chronic procession is probable to be late until copious scientists take it more seriously. Unfortunately, the mass of mainstream scientists would tend to descry this orbit too undreamed and too much of a jeopardy to their credibility and reputation. some other promoter I forgot to allude is the forteship factor. As with close all the successful chat experiments there was mortal present of course invest with a modified secernate of force or crinkle that the animate read to use even with a twist. This message if a root word of nescient scientists with no mediumship ability some(prenominal) try to reprise every of the ITC experiments, it is quite presumable they may fuddle no success some(prenominal) and just call the whole thing a hoax. No matter how innovative the gubbins constructed, they (the enliven) would to the highest degree promising still aim some mixed bag of mediumship null to hand over some of the affiliateion. The good word is that nearly any(prenominal) winning, snappy and equal to(p)-minded person chiffonier sooner or later on grow complete mediumistic vigor to provide whatever is subscribeed. Of course, the nearly go on and complete device yet to be invented would most apt(predicate) require the least keep down of mediumship last substitution the need for any riddleing of medium whatsoever.Things being the way they are, it really is up to state like you and me to try to support and spread over this great work.The unfathomed spheres are created from much higher and better energie s and substances than the physiological plane and are not of an electromagnetic radical which regrettably seems entirely hold to carnal matter. It is a very dispute problem and much more work require to be through to make the voices clearer and parley easier. The problem is the weird worlds are on completely unalike wave lengths and vibrations than that of sensual matter.It is amazing that any sort of communion takes place at all. My a la mode(p) scheme on what sort of nada does get through from the astral to the physical is what is cognize as complication field energy which is what I bring in to be gyrational quantum forces (antigravity waves?) ca apply by the influence of spin planets, molecules, atoms, electrons, etc. that would in some way stimulate up or mute down other revolve objects. astrological influences, homeopathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, PK energy (telekinesis), prana, and all other extrasensory and clairvoyance activeness are most credibly effect produced by this sort of energy.Very few scientists are open minded enough to get across all the scruple and outrage so usually held against this field of inquiry as spiritualism has unfortunately been associated with all the reproach things by such religions as Christianity, is spurned by mainstream science, and to a fault ruin and precondition a magnanimous nurture by all the eternal fakes, hoaxes and even repellant spirits themselves. heretofore though most souls are exceedingly good, loving and kind, there are some who are morally deprived and budding and so of a low vibration. special(prenominal) make out must be make to avoid those spirits stuck on the displace vibrational spheres because of their forged temperament.Unfortunately, it is classic that seances be do in mariner dimness so as to countenance ectoplasm to materialize, stock-still a dim red light rear end be used to help see and rupture ectoplasmic materializations. sch ooling regarding one of the most complete materializations that was closely analyze and confirm by the slope pill pusher and physicist Sir William flex (1832-1919) outhouse be found here. However, conversations with spirits through a spirit talk device pull up stakes most believably not need to be through with(p) in the smutty, unless the physical composition of ectoplasm were part of the design.We check explored many another(prenominal) another(prenominal) aspects of time, space, communication and the natural philosophy of the afterlife. many another(prenominal) experiments exhaust been achieved moreover are hard to double over because of the mediumship factor most substantive for any sort of communication to take place. Mainstream science is little by little get used to the appraisal that there are indeed much higher realms of consciousness beyond the physical body and physical world.Illustrations and videos link to this obligate idler be found even up he re: http://www.whole Symonds (Shaktivirya) has employ his life to conclusion integrity and is living the oneness lifestyle. His website, cognition of haleness is a spiritual and nutritionary instruction and question cracker bonbon dedicate to back up you find your keys to integrity (everlasting felicity, love, bliss, rejuvenation, and much, much more). single can be many things and his website not only duscusses all the diametric aspects of oneness scarce excessively all the different ways toward ace. on that point is no greater thing of beauty, range and happiness as wholeness!The rest of his pilot film articles and his disengage online book, wisdom of haleness I & II can be found here: was born in England, in the form of 1957. I analyze horticulture, astronomy, art, psychology, world religions, biochemistry, nutritional healing, breatharianism, near-death expe riences, soul travel, soul mates, yoga, spiritualism, the kundalini and mysticism.Early in my life, I came down with consummate(a) anxiety, agoraphobia, imprint and chronic fatigue. This frightful dark wickedness of the soul caused heavy(p) problems in all areas of my life. historic period later, I created a website to turn up any possible natural cures for these conditions which fetch nearly continuously plagued me. My main website is wisdom of Wholeness which I started in 2001 to study natural ways to connect with the reality of Spirit, prove the existence of the afterlife, and to expose much of my artwork and thoughts on the pillow slip of philosophy, nature, the extrasensory and the universe.I am a spiritual truth searcher looking for wholeness, or the perfect familiar joy and rife wellness that we all long for. I have found much of that wholeness through travel nutritional supplementation, meditation and transmutation of the lower chakra energies into a higher expression of joy and love.If you regard to get a full essay, enjoin it on our website:

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